Feel free to reach out

I may be busy, but let’s just say I’m like a magician with my time management skills. I can make hours disappear, but only to make room for even more exciting projects. So if you think you’ve got something that’ll knock my socks off, bring it on. I may just surprise you and find some time. 🙂

Please carefully read the process for contacting me below.

  • Your message will be delivered by a flock of carrier pigeons.
  • My team of highly-trained squirrels will decode and translate it into emoji form for my convenience.
  • It will be presented to me by my personal robot butler (who is actually just a toaster with googly eyes).
  • If it passes the awesomeness test, I will respond with a witty one-liner and a complimentary dad joke.
  • If not, it will be added to the “Maybe Later” pile.

Please note that above points are not true and added just for humor.